Mixed Millet Flour - Miltu-Milti

The Mixed Millet Flour – Miltu-Milti – The Best Organic Multipurpose Flour

Mixed millet flour is a mixture of various powdered millets. Miltu-Milti is also a Mixed millet flour made up of a combination of eight millets. We can prepare dishes like Dosa, Chapati and Poori. Miltu-Milti can also be an instant health mix by adding cardamom with it. As Miltu-Milti is purely made up of millets, let us expand our knowledge about millets.

Mixed Millet Flour - Miltu-Milti

What are millets?

Mixed Millet Flour - Miltu-Milti

Millets are a part of human foodstuffs since 7000 years ago. Millets are nutritious cereals or grains, which are grown usually in a warm and dry climate with rainfall less than 20 inches every year. India is the largest global producer of millets. Millets are also called dry crops.

The dry climate is the primary reason for the wide cultivation of millets in India. Countries like China, Nigeria, Niger and Mali also cultivate millets in massive quantities. Millets are known for its high nutritious value because of high fibre content in it. The eight millets present in the Mixed millet flour of  Miltu-Milti also offers several benefits.


“Kautilya’s Arthashastra says….. Kodrava (kodo millet),… and priyangu (foxtail millet) will increase three times the original quantity when cooked; … Grains will increase twice the original quantity when moistened, and two and half times when soaked to sprouting condition.”

Millets- Power bank of nutrition

The eight ingredients of Miltu-Milti are Kodo millet, Little millet, pearl millet, Wheat, Ragi, Sorghum millet, Flax seeds and Bamboo rice.

Kodo millet is easily digestible, and an excellent weight manager. As Kodo millet releases energy gradually over a longer period of time, it helps in sugar control. It is also a greater substitute for white rice.

Like all millets Little millet has fibre content, it helps to fight constipation and heals stomach problems. It is a great support to get rid of menstrual problems faced by women.

Wheat is a life jacket for type 2 diabetes. It improves body metabolism and keeps you rejuvenated.

Ragi contains high mineral and calcium content. It reduces body heat and maintains a nominal temperature. As it is a good source of vitamin B1, it enhances RBC production and heals anaemia.

Bamboo rice increases the glucose level in blood compared to other rice varieties. So it is a better option for sugar patients. It also strengthens the bones of our body.

Flax seeds are known for their omega-3-fatty acids. It helps in reducing heart attacks and inflammation of arteries. It also prevents both diarrhoea and constipation.

Pearl millets help to escape from bad cholesterol. It acts as a body coolant and it is a great diet for people high body temperature naturally. Pearl millets enhance milk secretion for lactating mothers.

Sorghum has high levels of unsaturated fats, Protein, Fiber, and Minerals. It reduces the risk of colon and skin cancer.

Are millets, a diet for all?

Mixed Millet Flour - Miltu-Milti

As Miltu-Milti Mixed millet flour comprises millets, we have a general doubt that who can consume this Mixed millet flour. Millets are indigenous crops of India, which grows naturally to our climate.

The same is true for human beings too. Being born and living in this soil, our body fits more to our indigenous crops. Many of us have a question arising in our mind that shifting completely to millets whether adds benefit.

Definitely it is an excellent suggestion to take millets at alternative days or else millets can be taken in a balanced quantity with our diets. Whereas patients suffering from diabetes, heart problems and nervous disorders can consume more millets compared to normal healthy individuals with proper consultation from doctors.

We can consume homemade dishes using millet flour at proper hygiene conditions. Dishes made of millet flour should be taken along with sufficient drinking water to maintain the nominal temperature of the body. On the whole, millets are good and recommendable grains to be added in the daily stuff.

Why organic millets?

Before exploring organic, we have to know about the difference between natural vs organic.

Miltu-Milti Mixed millet flour is purely made up of organic millets. Why organic millets are specifically used? Organic millets are cultivated purely using natural fertilizers whereas conventional farming us man-made fertilizers.

They control weeds grown in organic farming by natural methods such as crop rotation, hand weeding and tilling. On the other hand, weeds grown in conventional farming types are controlled with chemical herbicides.

The nutritional value of organic millets is also higher comparatively. Organic millets are friendly to our environment as well as our health. Miltu-Milti is one such product.

Mixed millet flour- A helping hand in the hectic life 

From the above ideas we explored, Miltu-Milti – The mixed millet flour is purely organic and millets made. The above ideas and facts on organic millets enhanced our knowledge of its importance.

Mixed millet flour will add great significance to the environment and people. In this fast and furious life, not everybody gets the time to go for shopping to purchase millets of specific kinds and cook distinct types of millets.

Miltu-Milti is a helping hand in this hectic lifestyle. Since it consists of eight high nutritional value millets.


Miltu-Milti- A present from the past

Miltu-Milti – mixed millet flour”, as the name says it can serve you tongue with multi dishes namely poori, chappathi and dosa. The time consumption to make the dishes is also reasonable.

Miltu-Milti is well packed in half Kg packets. We deliver it all over India. Miltu-Milti is a novel form our ancient food practices.

Mixed Millet Flour - Miltu-Milti

Let us Bring back retro health together!!!

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