The Mixed Millet Flour

Made at home, with mixture of millets.

MRP: INR 180/- (1/2 kg)

Free Door Delivery all over Tamilnadu

Free Door Delivery

We will deliver product to your door steps with no extra charges.

100% Organic

We source raw materials from organic certified farmers and manufactured without adding any chemicals.

Home Made

We manufacture the product at home to deliver you an extordinary retro product

Wanna know about the outcomes of Miltu-Milti?

Make 4 different dishes from single flour.

Unpack a pack of Miltu-Milti. Taste and gain the past nutrition in the present. Ready to cook–"single flour for multi dishes". Helping hand in hectic life…

Miltu Milti is a Power bank of nutrition made up of 8 millets. A purely organic mixed millet flour.
And is consumable by all age groups. In this fast and furious life not everybody gets the time to go for shopping, to purchase millets of specific kinds and cook. As it is a millet flour in a ready to cook form, it is a helping hand in this hectic life.

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Helps to control sugar as it releases energy gradually. It is a greater substitute for white rice.

Little millet

Helps to fight constipation, heals stomach problems and supports to get rid of menstrual problems

Bamboo rice

Increases the glucose level in blood and a better option for sugar patients. It also strengthens the bones.

Pearl millet

It acts as a coolant and a better option for people with high body temperature naturally.


Improves the body metabolism and keeps us rejuvenated. It is a life jacket for type 2 diabetes.


Reduces body heat and maintain a nominal temperature. It enhances RBC production and heals anemia.

Flax seeds

It is known for their omega-3-fatty acids. It reduces heart attacks and inflammation of arteries.


It is rich in unsaturated fats, proteins and minerals. It reduces the risk of colon and skin cancer.

Frequently asked questions

Miltu-Milti is an organic flour made of 8 ingredients. It is homemade and packed, adding no chemical preservatives.

Miltu-Milti costs INR 180/- per 500 grams. 

Yes. We will deliver the product to your doorsteps with the help of our courier partner.

Within Tamilnadu, we will deliver the product with no shipping charges. For other states, we will charge a minimal cost to cope up with the expenses.

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What Our customers say

Miltu-Milti - Nithyalaxmi

Being in hostel without any source of healthy food,your miltu-milti is my go to drink!! i love that your product is organic and i absolutely love it.


Miltu-Milti - Arun

Very tasty and healthy. We made poori, dosa, chappati and health mix. Out of that health mix and dosa are in my best list.

Arun Tamil Moorthy