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Krivaan Mixed Millet Flour


Nov 4,2018 with a tender team with a sole motto of bringing back the long forgotten organic culture back to our Homeland.

The seed has now grown into a plant not because of water but from the sweat of our team’s hard work. Miltu-Milti, the mixed millet flour, is our plant’s first flower. As the first product we wanted a signature in the market, rightly so the formula of our flour turned out to be four-dimensional (4D) package viz using it for dosa, poori, chappati and as health mix.The Seeds might have been sown on 2018, but as the pollen grains we have been around four years earlier in the organics market with Sai Organic, a retailer of organic food based on Kumbakonam.

Miltu Milti - Mixed Millet Flour

What we focus on?


Leading to 100% Organic consumption at an affordable price tag.


To grow organic crops in our own fields and delivering at your doorsteps.

Join hands to create healthy future...

Miltu-Milti, the mixed millet flour enhances your life with the help of organically grown ingredients. It helps in increase immunity and other natural aspects of the body which inturns helps to reduce the intake of medicines and embrace a natural healthy life. 

mixed millet flour